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Who I am..
Satoshi Kawazoe,
Immigration Lawyer, J.D.

Thank you for finding me and Nice to meet you. I'm Satoshi Kawazoe, Living in Japan is sometimes so bothersome.
I, as a immigration and legal-document specialist, offer supports for your better live..


This is a Suggestion for Better Life.

Sometimes, it's so complicated for foreigners to live in Japan. Civil service not yet necessalily correspond to foreign languages. People don't know about Legal Process very well, and tend to avoid it. Time-wasting, bothersome, lack of Information.


  • Naturalization
  • Status of Residence
  • Int'l marriage
  • Business start


  • Money trouble
  • Inheritance, Will
  • Damage claim
  • Other documents


    Business License
    Contracts, Minutes
  • Internationalization

Please Get in Touch with Gyoseishoshi.

"Gyouseishoshi-lawyer" is a Certified Legal Professional specialized in Legal Documents and Administrative Pcedures: Immigration, Business Lisence and other Registrations, etc.
Our Office could offer all the Foreigners more confortable and convenient life, as Immigration Lawyer, as Legal Supporter, and sometimes as a good neibor..

In the case, such as...


I want Japanse nationality.
But, how can I get it ?

For Foreiner

I'm foreign student. Do I have to
get licence for Part-time Job ?

For Foreigner
[Status of Resid.]

I will get marry with foreigner.
How the procedure's going ?

For Foreigner
[Int'l marriage]

I'll lend some money to my fiend.
How should I do for the case ?

For Home
[Money trouble]

Inheritance is so complicated.
I don't know about Will, too.

For Home
[Inheritance, Will]

Traffic Accident happens.
How to caim for the damages ?

For Home
[Damage claim]

I'll establish my small company after
retirement. How should I do ?

For Corporation

I get to be a manager of NPO.
But, I worry about paper-works.

For Corporation
[Contracts, Minutes]

We launch to Foreign market.
The problem is English Contracts

For Corporation

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Kawazoe Immigraition Lawyer's Office
1-25#401,Nishi-Kinya1, Hirakata, Osaka
573-1192 JAPAN

TEL 072-805-3331
FAX 072-805-3334
Weekday 9:00〜19:00
(Holiday Reservabke)
Fee: 6,000 Yen/hour
(Email-Reply Free)